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Schneider Electric Panelboards Allow for Circuit-level Energy Monitoring

Schneider Electric has just introduced measurement and verification panelboards (MVP), an enclosed panelboard capable of measuring lighting and plug load energy use at the individual circuit level which leads to improved energy management and opportunities for cost saving, the company says.

MVP panelboards monitor energy usage by plug load, circuit, zone, space, or complete lighting system, allowing facility managers to isolate energy use with improved precision. Until now, monitoring capabilities were only available at the panel level, preventing accurate branch circuit pin-pointing of energy waste, says the company. MVP panelboards reveal details including lighting load energy waste or floor and zone specific electronics used. Energy managers can use existing building management software, or customized MVP software to analyze the data and locate opportunities for greater energy efficiency.

The MVP family of products includes Powerlink MVP Intelligent Lighting Panels and NF and NQ MVP Lighting Panelboards. The Powerlink MVP panelboards not only provide savings by controlling lights, but also provide a total infrastructure for measuring and verifying the performance of all lighting and plug load energy conservation measures, allowing for observation of breaker status and system operation.

NF and NQ Measurement and Verification Lighting Panelboards provide monitoring capabilities for maximum power reliability. In addition to the standard branch over current protection, NF panelboards also incorporate individual branch circuit power metering and monitor the energy performance of electrical systems at the branch circuit level for improved building-wide energy efficiency.

MVP panelboards integrate with existing building management software. Optional MVP custom front-end software is also available for data review and energy management. Users can analyze real-time or historical energy use data and identify future opportunities for improved energy efficiency by using the software projection feature.

The ability to view energy use at the specific circuit level helps commercial building managers accomplish energy management goals, obtain LEED certification points, meet code compliance, and achieve month-over-month savings, says Scott Walters, vice president, LifeSpace, Power Business, Schneider Electric.

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